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James River TPA Services is a newly formed subsidiary of James River Group Holdings, Ltd. offering Claims Management services to third-party, unaffiliated Insurance Carriers, MGA’s, MGU’s, Self-Insured and Captive risk managers, and other Program Managers primarily focusing on Auto Liability, Physical Damage, and Commercial General Liability portfolios.

Since writing its first policies in 2003, James River has successfully handled thousands of complex Liability claims for its own book. Beginning in 2013, James River developed a very large Claims organization to service its insured clients in the Ride-sharing and Delivery industries. Since that time, we have successfully handled over 400,000 claims under demanding Service Level Standards of performance.

In early 2020, James River TPA Services was launched to utilize these human, technological and procedural resources in the service of external clients.

By leveraging the considerable investment and development already in place to serve James River insured clients, James River TPA Services can offer a competitive case for lowering the claims handling expense typically charged by other leading TPA service providers. However, we believe that great Claims service is more than just compelling economics: our interaction with your customer is a direct reflection on you.

We welcome the chance to discuss your Claims servicing needs with you directly so you can evaluate the James River TPA Services offering for yourself.

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